• May 21, 2022

Barsa Villarreal’e kaybettikten sonra gerçek dokunuşlar

 Barsa Villarreal’e kaybettikten sonra gerçek dokunuşlar

Barcelona fell behind in the league title race after losing at El Clásico . But in two games in a row, Real Madrid stumbled and got a great opportunity to touch the current champions. The Catalans seized the opportunity to lose to Villarreal.

Barcelona lost 2-1 to Villarreal on Sunday. Atoyan Griezmann has scored two goals for the Catalans. Villarreal’s only goal came from Samuel Chukquez.

Barcelona is in third place with 61 points after 32 games. Real also scored 61 points in multiple games. But the team is going head-to-head. Atletico Madrid are in the lead with 63 points from 32 games.

Barcelona made a good start in the league with this win against Villarreal. The importance of Barcelona’s match against Atlético also increased. Much will depend on the outcome of that match.

However, Barca did not play as expected today. Although he took some easy positions, he failed to hit the target due to the poor result. Griezmann used the half chance to score two goals. The gift given by the other competitor. About half of the hosts played with 10 players.

Barca could have taken the lead in the 7th minute of the match. Villarreal survived the encounter with a magnificent save from goalkeeper Sergio Asenio. Frankie de Young beat Griezmann in a big volley in the D-box. The French star’s shot was blocked by the Villarreal goalkeeper. The home team also had a chance to counterattack. But Gerard Moreno squandered this opportunity.

De Young missed his best chance of the day at the 16th minute. Dutch midfielder Jordi Albar couldn’t hit the target despite taking a full diagonal gap. It definitely came from the goalkeeper goal line. There was also the opportunity to say goodbye. However, De Young could not control the ball a little more. Two minutes later, the Villarreal goalkeeper blocked Messi’s powerful shot from Alba’s extended ball.

Villarreal took the lead with Chukkuez’s goal in the 26th minute. Taking control of the ball extended by Pau Torres, the Nigerian hit goalkeeper Mark-Andre Ter Stegen with a corner kick.

However, it didn’t take long for Bar বারa to return to the pair. The team returned to the game with Griezmann’s magnificent finish in the next minutes. The French star caught the ball on Oscar Mingueza’s pass and hit the ball from the right side.

Baro scored in the 35th minute. Juan Faith asked the goalkeeper to make a back pass. But Griezmann had caught it earlier because there was no power. The midfielder made no mistake by sending the ball into the net with a powerful shot.

Griezmann could have scored a hat-trick in the 44th minute. De Young caught the ball in the gap from the back overhead. Konakoni also filmed. Goalkeeper Asenio drew.

Barca lost a good chance to increase the lead in added time. Sergio Dest has a nice shot from Jatla to the goal. However, the goalkeeper blocked his shot from the goal line.

Villarreal has a good chance to return to the pair after the break. Moreno had a chance to come out of an empty space. However, because Ter Stegen had no power in his head, he did not have the speed to catch him. Griezmann could have scored a hat-trick in the 56th minute had he touched Sergi Roberto’s center. In the next minute, Messi cut three players and took his shot. However, it was not targeted.

The hosts almost scored in the 63rd minute. Etienne Capue took a strong shot from Chikquez’s cut. According to some, the Bar goalারa goalkeeper blocked the shot with his foot. Two minutes later Viraliel made a big move. Manuel Tregueros left the field after receiving a red card for a foul on Messi.

If İlyas had shot Roberto’s goal in the 8th minute, the gap could have been wider. Five minutes later, Ilaish was given another chance. However, he could not control the ball. Moreno missed a great opportunity to draw in the 7th minute. His shot missed the target for a while.

De Young missed an incredible goal in the 64th minute. He found the goalkeeper alone in the gap between Usman Dembele’s pass. However, the Dutch star deliberately failed to shoot the shot. Even then, the two teams tried several attacks. However, no one was seen on the net. As a result, Bara left the field with the win.


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