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Who Is To Blame In A Self-driving Car Accident? In The United Kingdom They Have Already Passed A Sentence By Law. & More News


Aug 31, 2022

loss autonomous cars They want to be the future of the automotive industry. for the benefit of they don’t polluteBeing electric cars, we must combine their potential Transporting people who are elderly, disabled, or unable to drive.

These types of vehicles are controlled artificial intelligence One who makes fewer mistakes than an objectively human. But it is not infallible. accidents will happen And the law has to be completely clear who is to blame, When there is no driver at the wheel.

Currently the only cars on the market with autonomous capability Teslaand already registered by an accident with deaths. In these cases, the court has determined that The culprit is the driver. But there are nuances here that should be given importance.

Tesla Autopilot Isn’t 100% Autonomous, It requires the driver to keep his hands on the wheel and keep an eye on the road. In the above fatal accidents it was shown that The driver did not meet these standards, And for this he was found guilty.

in the near future we will have 100% autonomous vehicles on the road, where the driver will not have to contend with anything. You can use mobile, watch series or sleep. Or there will be no driver directly.

under the circumstances If an accident happens, who is responsible for it? Experts do not match. some people ask Be a driver or car owner like never beforeAnd your insurance pays for it.

others choose blame no oneAnd that the cost of the accident is distributed by the insurance of the people involved, as incidents will be much rarer than they are now.

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The Moral Machine: Be a self-driving car and decide who survives and who dies in an inevitable accident

He has already served a sentence in the United Kingdom, and his decision is controversial. According to Business Insider, the British government has announced A law in which the perpetrator in an autonomous car accident is … the manufacturer.

The logic behind this decision is that by putting all the pressure on the makers, They will try harder so that their artificial intelligence system doesn’t failA hidden warning for Tesla, whose Autopilot has shown it’s not as polished as it should be.

According to Business Insider, the purpose of this law: Widespread deployment of autonomous vehicles in 2025in the United Kingdom.

The British Government has announced 119 million euro financing That will go to an additional 40 million for autonomous vehicle projects and research to support safety and the new legislation. Its aim is to make the country a leader in this type of transport.

This law can become a precedent, and can be adopted by other countries. A decision that the makers are not going to do any good…

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